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Wed Oct 11 20:56:06 BST 2023


--- Comment #27 from Sadoon Albader <sadoon at albader.co> ---
This is a copy-pasta of poly1305-donna.py BUT now has a small function that
runs ISACaller in such syntax:

simulator(lst, RS, RA, RB)


Obviously doesn't work with immediate-based instructions but the most important
part is:

I have added ASM inlining using ISACaller in a very simple way, which means I
can finally move to the SVP64 implementation while still using the same tests.

For now, only the first h0+= ... is implemented in ISACaller, I explicitly did
this for testing whether this works, and luckily it only needs one instruction

I'll need to reconsider later whether I will use this function (likely not when
things grow bigger but it's useful nonetheless) but it was a good exercise to
a- revise my python skills and b- make sure I know how to call ISACaller

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