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--- Comment #7 from Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton <lkcl at lkcl.net> ---
(In reply to Andrey Miroshnikov from comment #6)
> After running through the setup scripts in the following order (after
> creating chroot and copying over the dev scripts):
> ./install-hdl-apt-reqs
> ./hdl-dev-repos
> ./hdl-tools-yosys
> ./nextpnr-xilinx-install
> I was able to make the external Libre-SOC core.
> Looking at the log of nextpnr-xilinx-install, I saw that antlr parser was
> not present. There's an automatic fallback to textX parser, but I haven't
> tested this software (not working on FPGA yet).

as long as it "works" it's good.

> After running hdl-dev-ls2, I noticed the following in the log:
> - The nmigen got overwritten (was at nmigen 0.1.dev1205+g29dec30, which
> isn't good, given that we needed 0.2). 

remember i mentioned about pip3 performing tasks without consent and
without informing you?

so that is almost certainly this line:

  28         "nmigen>=0.1,<0.5",


for now just comment all of these out:

  28         "nmigen>=0.1,<0.5",
  29         "nmigen-soc",
  30         "nmigen-stdio",
  31         "nmigen-boards",

and also these:

  34     install_requires=['nmigen', 'nmigen_boards'],


you'll then need to re-run the entire lot again. patience needed, yes
it's an O(N^2) process.

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