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--- Comment #140 from Dmitry Selyutin <ghostmansd at gmail.com> ---
(In reply to Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton from comment #139)
> (In reply to Dmitry Selyutin from comment #137)
> overall going back 30 years it has been terribly 
> frustrating for me, and very difficult for everyone else i have ever
> worked with or for.

I've seen many people, including, but not limited to people who develop, and
believe me, you're far away from being an unbearable and difficult person. My
particular issue is that I'm somewhat technology-centric; I can be annoyed with
some technical solutions rather than with persons who stand beyond them.

> but also there is this: it isn't "me being difficult", the entire
> project is difficult - a level so far above standard computer science
> that only last week Mitch Alsup on comp.arch said "it is a pity that
> you have to study an entire lifetime before understanding enough to
> design a processor, and by then you are already at retirement age".

Couldn't agree more. This statement can be applied to many areas, though.

> but forget all of that: it's my responsibility to deal with.

It might be your responsibility, but you don't have to suffer and deal with it
*alone*. Despite that sometimes I express things in a quite irritating and and
annoying manner, like all of us, I want to do the best and want to help. I hope
that the whole fact that I raised this whole discussion already clearly
demonstrates how much I care about the project and the team. And that "the
team" I mention obviously includes you.

> my primary goal in is making sure that you have things that you can
> enjoy doing, that are also self-contained tasks.
> there are now three of us (me, jacob and konstantinos/markos) who can
> help with questions, if you're interested?

I like this task, actually, and would like to complete it. I have problems with
some technical aspects, but the task is nice and lovely, despite how many
debates it involves. Also I wouldn't say I'm a suitable person for math-related
algorithms (you do remember that I'm a philologist, right?).

Most of all I like architecture-related tasks (architecture in a broad sense,
like designing APIs and data structures relationship). Perhaps the whole
problem is that, since I like designing architectures, I treat some moments in
a bit personal way, and our definitions of a good architecture differ, so this
naturally leads to debates. That's why I suggested to establish some common
understanding in a form of documentation (you didn't address this yet, if I'm
not confused).

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