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--- Comment #139 from Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton <lkcl at lkcl.net> ---
(In reply to Dmitry Selyutin from comment #137)

> make confusing statements which in the
> form they are done contradict to each other.

yes.  i have a combination of "writer's block", a form of dyslexia,
*and* Asperger's.  it means i can *recognise* something when i see
(or hear it) but can in no way properly *express* it.  often it takes
over three weeks to clearly answer just one "simple" question that
anyone else would find it perfectly reasonable to expect an answer,
right now, now, now.  overall going back 30 years it has been terribly 
frustrating for me, and very difficult for everyone else i have ever
worked with or for.

but also there is this: it isn't "me being difficult", the entire
project is difficult - a level so far above standard computer science
that only last week Mitch Alsup on comp.arch said "it is a pity that
you have to study an entire lifetime before understanding enough to
design a processor, and by then you are already at retirement age".

i am barely keeping up holding all the knowledge in my head (hence
the "writer's block"), and to expect every member of the team to
do the same, in order to be able to make properly-informed project
management and development decisions, is completely unreasonable.

but forget all of that: it's my responsibility to deal with.

my primary goal in is making sure that you have things that you can
enjoy doing, that are also self-contained tasks.  there's actually
one that's high-priority but should be very short (bear in mind that
notes for an "internet-blog" writeup of the algorithm is part of the

and another one:

and a third one that would be useful as a standard vector demo: daxpy

all of those should only be between 8-12 lines of SVP64 assembler.

there are now three of us (me, jacob and konstantinos/markos) who can
help with questions, if you're interested?

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