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--- Comment #137 from Dmitry Selyutin <ghostmansd at gmail.com> ---
I already told my opinion. If you have some certain criteria on naming, use of
particular constructs, and want to permit or ban some techniques — this should
be documented and, if you respect the team, at least be brought to discussion
(the form "I'm responsible and I have 20 years of expertise" certainly lacks
the discussion bits). As I said: the problem is not in particular decisions per
se, the problem resides in lack of technical rationale behind. I don't ask to
document each and every aspect of using Python or any other programming
language, that'd be rather impossible. But those cases where we had
disagreement must be documented. Stating that you are responsible explains
nothing, it lacks the rationale and certain criteria.

The current communication format just converts the development into quite a
stressing process. I don't even know how to write the code anymore, because you
keep interfering and, especially, make confusing statements which in the form
they are done contradict to each other. I'm already afraid to make any
following step, because you already pushed the situation to degree where I
simply think that any code I publish will be rejected.

Many projects start with coding style and certain guidelines. I think it's the
good for us to have those. Not that I think it's the right time. But you told
in many similar situations that you don't have time to address these issues
yet, and I begin to worry whether you're going to address them at all.

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