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--- Comment #136 from Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton <lkcl at lkcl.net> ---
(In reply to Dmitry Selyutin from comment #130)
> You basically force me to implement any recent code
> according to your personal preferences.

dmitry: they really aren't. i am the one who has to think
through the impliciations "when these few lines of code
are integrated into the remaining 200,000+ lines of code
that i am responsible for, how will that go? what problems
will arise?"

which is *very* different from the (small, focussed) task
that you are doing, which at the moment is something that
you need to be enjoying (and *not* worrying about the
bigger picture, which is my responsibility).

now, with the insndb before it was integrated deeply into
the rest of the code, there was no problem: it was self-contained.
but now it is becoming an absolutely critical part of the
entire codebase - through the Walker API - i now have to think
of the ramifications.

so i have a potential solution / proposition: if *i* make any
minor corrections (adding comments, renaming of variables),
which are superficial but clearly project-management-related, you don't
object to them.  if we *do* have some disagreement - if there is something
that you genuinely don't like *please speak up*, and we move it to
a branch and discuss further.

i already put in comments into insndb.py before the restructuring
(over the past few months) and you didn't object, so i know you're
fine with me doing that.

this way, you are satisfied by being able to design something
you love doing, and i can also make sure that what you are doing
fits with the wider project for which *i* am responsible (not you).

how does that sound?

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