[libre-riscv-dev] pipeline sync issues

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at lkcl.net
Tue Apr 16 13:44:59 BST 2019

that's it: pipe mode is where the problems occur.

                     # set readable and writable (NOTE: see pipe mode below)
                     self.readable.eq(~empty), # cannot read if empty!
                     self.writable.eq(~full),  # cannot write if full!

so that's all sensible, so far.  if there's no room, don't allow
writing!  unfortunately... "pipe mode" does this:

            with m.If(self.re):
                m.d.comb += self.writable.eq(1)

i.e. the "writeable" conditions are over-ridden (against plain
commonsense, i feel obliged to say).

thus, if read is enabled, writable is *FORCED* to be set.  therefore,
if the output does NOT read the data, the input will DESTROY one value
in the FIFO by overwriting it.

that's why the unit tests that i wrote have been barfing when
BufferedPipeline has been connected to any of UnbufferedPipeline,
RegStage or BreakReadyStage, because they deliberately set/clear send
and receive conditions on a random basis.

so basically, pipe-mode requires - *REQUIRES* - that the down-stream
recipients read the damn data. if it says "read enabled", you MUST
read it, because the "pipe" has been set to a mode where new data
*will* come in.

would you concur, jacob?


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