[Libre-soc-dev] #981 update

Dmitry Selyutin ghostmansd at gmail.com
Sat Oct 7 06:19:48 BST 2023

Jacob, even if it takes 1 second and 1 letter to be added to the code,
putting the comment in a form "this is too much to pay" is unethical. Do
you really want any of us to follow this way? If anybody raised similar
questions on some of works you or Luke did, would you like it? But even
putting this aside, nobody has to prove the value of their works via bigger
amount of code or the fact these works took many hours. These metrics are
absurd, estimate your *own* works this way if you like.

Luke, I answered your question explicitly:
> Yes, this is, even though approximated by magnitude, is what I mean.

You're missing the answer because you're solving a different task than the
one that needs to be solved.

Folks, you need to carefully read and understand what I posted, instead of
counting "assumptions" and "misunderstandings" and expecting me to estimate
value of my work in hours or code size. What's more important, you both
need learn to appreciate others works and feelings. By the way, unlike you,
Andrey understands the problem, he pointed to the exact specific comments
which caused my anger. Apparently he's full of "assumptions" and
"misunderstandings" as well.

I cannot even believe I have to explain such obvious things to grown-ups.

Best regards,

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