[Libre-soc-dev] #981 update

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at lkcl.net
Fri Oct 6 21:18:29 BST 2023

Dmitry, you are overwhelming me with assumptions and
misunderstandings and I cannot in any way keep up,
there are at least five to eight misunderstandings
and assumptions.

I am making an effort to understand (when I am at burn-out
and have PTSD and therefore am placing myself in serious danger,
so i am *really* trsting you here) by *only* asking you

Can you please be VERY patient, and rather than repeat more
assumptions and more misunderstandings, allow me to explore
what it is that you wish to say, but at *my* pace, please?

let us start with this *one* question, which is an effort by
me to let you know that I want to listen and hear what you
have to say.

a reminder of the question: can i suggest as Andrey suggests
answeing tomorrow or simply in your own time?

 can you please tell me if this summary sound right?

  you do not want to answer "bullshit" time and
  resource questions. they seem to be demeaning and
  harsh criticism of your work, devaluing it immensely
  even by just asking the question, yes?

  is that approximately right?


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