[Libre-soc-dev] Testing Libre-SoC 0.18um test chip.

Staf Verhaegen (FibraServi) staf at fibraservi.eu
Fri Sep 24 11:00:57 BST 2021

Op 24/09/2021 om 11:53 schreef lkcl:
>> For testing I think there are two phases. First is to find out ASAP if
>> the chip does something so that NLnet can donate one to the commissioner
>> knowing it is not just a piece of junk. Second is more in depth test
>> before NLnet deadline.
> those have all been extended.

Yes, I think it is now April next year. Of course this does not mean 
testing of the chip has to stop then, it's just means we have to have 
enough testing results so I can claim the NLnet money.


Chips want to be free.

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