[Libre-soc-dev] Failed githun access

sukhanshu at object-automation.com sukhanshu at object-automation.com
Sat Sep 11 14:03:04 BST 2021

> if you *have* attempted any other commands please let me know
> *precisely and exactly* what they were, so that we can "sync" and
> see what effect those might have had.
>>I typed in  'ssh -v -p922 gitolite3 at git.libre-soc.org' without creating

> (in other words, did you follow the instructions, and if not,
> what *did* you do)?

> >After running "ssh -v -p922 gitolite3 at git.libre-soc.org"
> >gitolite3 at git.libre-soc.org: Permission denied (publickey) was the error

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