[Libre-soc-dev] LibreSOC Implementation on arty7 fpga dev boards.

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at lkcl.net
Tue Oct 5 16:18:28 BST 2021

On Tue, Oct 5, 2021 at 2:40 PM varun mohan <varunmadhavam at gmail.com> wrote:
> HI Team,

Hi Varun, nice to hear from you.

> We are trying to implement  liberSOC on arty 7 fpga boards using the
> repo https://git.libre-soc.org/?p=libresoc-litex.git;a=summary

this is established as a submodule of the soc repo.  you *can* use it
independently, but only once the other software dependencies are
installed.  those can be set up with the devscripts procedures if
you've not already done so


you will also need to install litex: i'm not going to go through that,
you should be able to find the intsallation procedures online.

>. We
> have successfully installed the symbiflow toolchain and can
> successfully generate bitstreams for arty7 fpga dev boards.

brilliant.  that's a really good first step.

> Currently,
> the above-mentioned repo does not support arty7 boards.

yes. i bought one 2 months ago and haven't had time to use it.

> We would like
> some help to adapt the repo so that libreSOC can be implemented on
> arty7 boards using the symbiflow toolchain. Can anyone point to
> resources/materials for the same..!?

right.  ok - and this is why i asked you to contact us on the mailing list:
you're going to need to do some (very short) actual development to
get it running.

see here:

that shows you a link to *someone else's* instructions on how to do this.
obviously, you don't want the RISC-V toolchain.  skip that.

the key step is here:

    Generate the bitstream:
    cd litex/litex/boards/targets && ./arty.py --toolchain symbiflow
--cpu-type vexriscv --sys-clk-freq 80e6 --b

this you will need to ADAPT based on this:


  14 ./versa_ecp5.py --sys-clk-freq=55e6 --build
  15 ./versa_ecp5.py --sys-clk-freq=55e6 --load

now, that file versa_ecp5.py was *originally* based on using the
*litex* versa_ecp5.py


you will need to *ADAPT* the libresoc-litex versa_ecp5.py so that it
creates an *ARTY* platform instance *NOT* a lattice *versa_ecp5*
platform instance, by comparing the above litex-boards file with
the below litex-boards file:


by comparing the DIFFERENCEs between those two files (their respective
BaseSoC) you will achieve what you want.

this is *not* a difficult task if you are an experienced python programmer.
it should be well under 45 minutes of work and *only* result in around
40-50 lines of code, absolute maximum.

if you believe it to be otherwise then *stop* and reconsider, and ask
here for further advice.

you should be starting with "import litex_boards.targets.digilent_arty as arty"
followed by creating a class ArtyTestSoC(arty.BaseSoC) exactly as is done
at line 27:

27 class VersaECP5TestSoC(versa_ecp5.BaseSoC):

and the arguments should be obvious and self-explanatory from there.

once you have that class it should be natural and obvious that the
next step is to instantiate an instance *of* that class, further down
the file:


do not be concerned that it is named "versa_ecp5.py", i will rename it later
to "fpga.py" or something.

sorry i cannot do this for you, i have too many other things to do: i can
however help you through it.

it would be good if you could submit this as a patch for inclusion
in libresoc-litex, or if you can review the Libre-SOC Charter, let me
know if you are ok with it, and then send an ssh public key, and
i can grant you access to git.libre-soc.org repositories.



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