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--- Comment #30 from Sadoon Albader <sadoon at albader.co> ---
(In reply to Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton from comment #28)
> also you missed adding yourself as a Copyright holder.


Committed to a new branch to be safe, the original python code was written by
yourself but the simulator/SVP64 stuff is being written by me, do I just add
myself to the copyright in a separate line?

Again this is only for me to familiarize myself with ISACaller and PPC asm.
Next step is to do all the h[x] += ... block in a single SVP64 run which is a
perfect opportunity to start with SVP64 as you suggested in #c3 :)

If you run this against the rand.csv generated by running the C code > rand.csv
it should run perfectly with no errors, but I think there might be a tiny bug
due to the way I did the asm. Not a big deal because I'm only using the current
asm stuff to make porting *that* to SVP64 more streamlined and will delete the
original asm once I'm done with the SVP64 one.

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