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--- Comment #25 from Dmitry Selyutin <ghostmansd at gmail.com> ---
(In reply to Andrey Miroshnikov from comment #24)
> After having a private conversation with Dmitry, I'm happy to confirm that
> he has done a sufficient amount of work, and that the budget has been
> justified.
> Closing this bug, Dmitry, feel free to submit the RFP.

Let me write some conclusions in this task before RFP can be submitted so that
the task details and implementation details are obvious for everybody around
and don't require anybody of us to dig through the whole discussion in task
#981 and  task #982.

The major part of this task actually consisted of developing the flexible
system for dynamic system call tables generation; all these commits can be
found in master branch, all prefixed with "syscall:" in commit description[0].

Once this mechanism has been implemented, the rest of the task was simpler:
since cavatools already possessed a similar mechanism for RISC-V, I only had
prepare cavatools for other system call table and generate the
cavatools-compatible code based on the previous works mentioned above. All
commits are enlisted in comment #1 and comment #2. Obviously these changes are
reserved for later: running the userspace does not consist exclusively of the
system calls, but also needs a working ISA, which is outside of the code of
this task. In our realities, we could reuse libopid, which I developed before.

Once I checked cavatools, I implemented the same concepts in ISACaller; the
code resides in a separate branch, scemu[1]. In scope of this particular task,
cavatools was mostly a way for us to understand how to achieve the same goal
for ISACaller, which, unlike cavatools, is ready to be used with PowerPC
architecture. The statements on that part can be found in task #982.


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