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--- Comment #13 from Jacob Lifshay <programmerjake at gmail.com> ---
I was inspired by cesar's comment that we should have a demo, so, being
somewhat bored in my spare time, I wrote a 3D game where you can place/remove
blocks in a 3D world. it uses ray-casting through a 3D voxel lattice, and is
entirely fixed-point-only. it runs at a few fps on microwatt on my orangecrab.

I pushed it to:
and: https://github.com/programmerjake/microwatt/tree/voxels_game

it doesn't use the fpga's usb connection since last time that was kinda
glitchy, instead it uses a separate usb-serial dongle at 1MBaud.

Maybe we could change it to start out with "Libre-SoC" spelled out in blocks.


.dfu file:


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