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--- Comment #185 from Dmitry Selyutin <ghostmansd at gmail.com> ---
Let's consider the example below:

class Walker(mdis.walker.Walker):

class ContextVisitor(mdis.visitor.ContextVisitor):
    def dispatch_object(self, instance, *, path):
        print(f"path={path}", instance)
        yield instance

walker = Walker()
visitor = ContextVisitor()
items = (
    {("a", 1): 3.4, 2: {5, 6}},
for (item, path) in walker(items):
    with visitor(item, path=path):

With the recent update (not yet pushed), here's what I get:

path=[0] {('a', 1): 3.4, 2: {5, 6}}
path=[0, ('a', 1)] 3.4
path=[0, 2] {5, 6}
path=[0, 2, 5] 5
path=[0, 2, 6] 6

Jacob, that's less than you posted, because I didn't handle the dict_items
specifically. This seems excessive, since dict_items is not actually accessible
via items[0][0]. And, to be honest, yielding the element itself in
set/frozenset doesn't look valid either; None perhaps? But None in the middle
is strange too.

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