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--- Comment #166 from Dmitry Selyutin <ghostmansd at gmail.com> ---
Oh, by the way, I just recalled that tuples et al. simply yield stuff from
collection upon walking by default.

class Walker(dispatcher.Dispatcher, metaclass=WalkerMeta):
    @dispatcher.Hook(tuple, list, set, frozenset)
    def dispatch_sequence(self, instance):
        for item in instance:
            yield item
            yield from self(item)

dicts and dataclasses, on the other hand, yield key too. Should the dispatcher
look like this instead?

    @dispatcher.Hook(tuple, list, set, frozenset)
    def dispatch_sequence(self, instance):
        for (index, item) in enumerate(instance):
            yield (index, item)
            yield from self(item)

Also, whilst we're at it, we could perhaps support namedtuple default hook
(yielding keys too I think).
I'd like to listen to your opinion, folks, on these two.

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