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--- Comment #130 from Dmitry Selyutin <ghostmansd at gmail.com> ---
Please check the task changes, they are pretty self-explanatory. It is
impossible to develop efficiently when I constantly have a spoke in a wheel.
Each and every technical solution is met with extremely negative attitude,
dislike, distaste. You basically force me to implement any recent code
according to your personal preferences. Arguments and rationale beyond my
choices are ignored or met with "I'm maintainer" argument. If this is the path
you choose to follow — you can end up maintaining the code with only one

Not a single line of code until there's a formal document with valid technical
rationale explaining why and how the choice is done. Yes this document should
be discussed and accepted until this is enforced. If the rationale is "I'm the
maintainer with 20 years of experience", then, please, don't even bother
writing this document. If you treat persons around the project as a team, this
should be discussed and accepted by team members.

I'm really fed up with this nonsense. So much energy down the drain.

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