[Libre-soc-bugs] [Bug 1094] insndb instruction database visitor-walker is needed

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--- Comment #83 from Dmitry Selyutin <ghostmansd at gmail.com> ---
My point is, inheriting all stuff from Node gives this:
1. No need to check walk method availibility via isinstance/try+catch/hasattr.
We can _assume_ everything "walkable" is Node-derived.
2. We can therefore extend Node-based stuff without problems. The first
extension might be Node.path (or whatever name we can invent for it).
3. Some things can be stubs or generic (cf. Nodes.walk, Dataclass.walk; perhaps
I'll add some stuff for Tuple-like, because we have several tuple-based things
which should also be walkable).
4. It's just logical that everything which can be used in walk/visit API
corresponds to some interface.

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