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--- Comment #19 from Dmitry Selyutin <ghostmansd at gmail.com> ---
I see that dis got renamed too. I like dis name, it's used as "something
completely opposite to asm", it's present in test and respecting binary. Again,
it's not a problem as long as the correct imports are used (and setup develop
does things right, compared to python3 src/openpower/insndb/dis.py command).
But the behavior of shitty interpreter which puts the module's directory first
in imports is not our issue.

The module is either used with correct imports or as standalone script, in
which case it must be installed. After all, we don't get ashamed when some code
runs correctly only after it's installed (example: binaries which are installed
with libraries, and cannot be run unless rpath is changed or installed to
well-known places the linker is aware of).

Please rollback these changes, that's not the intended use scenario.

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