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--- Comment #8 from Andrey Miroshnikov <andrey at technepisteme.xyz> ---
(In reply to Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton from comment #7)
> (In reply to Andrey Miroshnikov from comment #6)
> > This wouldn't quite work as the gpio layout has an additional "i" signal, so
> > I'll probably have to keep this one separate. Will need some more thinking
> > on that.
> yyeah, although the format of the data as far as its memory-mapping
> is concerned the csrbus layout looks perfect.
At the moment csrbus only connects the first byte of the data word. Is this how
you expect it to be? Should I extend csrbus to store the full word (several
gpio configs)?

> however you will need *another* layout which is the actual
> wires-as-connected-directly-to-the-IOPad-Cell.  that one would
> not have bank_sel, but would be more like:
>          padlayout = (("oe", 1),
>                       ("i", 1),
>                       ("o", 1),
>                       ("puen", 1),
>                       ("pden", 1),
>                     )
What about ie? IOPad assume the GPIO is input if oe is low?

> will we want the exact same types as in jtag.tap.IOTypes? i don't
> know.  maybe.  will we want puen/pden to be optional? probably,
What do you mean by having the same types as IOTypes?
Here's what I saw in debug/jtag.py:
iotypes = {'-': IOType.In,
           '+': IOType.Out,
           '>': IOType.TriOut,
           '*': IOType.InTriOut,

scanlens = {IOType.In: 1,
            IOType.Out: 1,
            IOType.TriOut: 2,
            IOType.InTriOut: 3,

Do you mean the layout definition needs to have the '-'/'+'/etc. strings for
each signal? Like ("oe", 1, '+')

> but not right away, i suggest just keeping it straightforward and
> simple, add options later
Sure, I'll focus on what you mentioned already, plenty to do as is hahaha

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