[Libre-soc-isa] [[OPF][ISA] #197576] ISA RFC Request - Formal Proposal - by Luke Leighton (Libre-SOC Team)

lkcl luke.leighton at gmail.com
Fri Mar 15 07:01:53 GMT 2024

(cc'ing libre-soc-isa mailing list, cc'ing NLnet the financial
sponsor for the RFCs, moving ibm cc recipients to bcc)

brad thank you for your response of march 1st. i have only
just seen it: please can you modify all tickets and send
all communication directly to this public mailing list
so that i do not have to repeatedly forward all messages
from you by hand. libre-soc-isa at lists.libre-soc.org

i regret to inform you of the following:

i am being subjected to harrassment, intimidation and stalking
by RED Semiconductor Ltd Directors, CALDERWOOD and LEWIS,
who have made a false declaration to Companies House that i
"resigned" on 16th January 2023 from the company that i founded.
in a business meeting of 15th january, LEWIS subjected me to
such aggressive bullying tactics that it put me into deep
traumatic shock. i could hear them discussing me as if i was
not present, but was in such distress that i was having
severe difficulty breathing, just as CALDERWOOD had done only
a few weeks beforehand when i was at my mother's house for
christmas, subjecting me to abuse over the phone for over 25
minutes straight, when he could clearly hear me crying
continuously in distress.

they have hijacked NGI Search EU grant funding, destroyed
morale in my team, we have lost two team members, i have had to
put on hold inviting potential team members i was planning
to contact, as i cannot possibly expect anyone to tolerate the
ongoing stalking, harrassment and intimidation.

additionally, NLnet's Director Bob Goudriaan informed us
that the European Commission, who review and audit all NLnet
Grant Applications over EUR 50,000, was so alarmed by CALDERWOOD
and LEWIS's efforts to seize control of EU grants that they told
NLnet that our two NLnet Grant applications totalling EUR 185,000
are summarily terminated, and that all future EU grant
applications by Libre-SOC will be immediately rejected.

i was also unable to travel to FOSDEM24 to give presentations,
as they also attempted to hijack our Devroom, inserting
sub-standard talks with zero consultation or discussion at
the last minute. i was able, barely, to get the sub-standard
talks removed, thanks to a senior FOSDEM volunteer i have
known for 25 years, but the permanent damage caused to my
project, and the team's morale, as well as my standing with
FOSDEM, is incalculable.

they have also completely ignored NLnet's Mediator (Brian),
whom i was allocated by NLnet to help get them under control,
after such severe violations of our Charter that i was terrified
of contacting them directly (and still am). they've been told
this at least three times by different people and yet continue
their harrassment and intimidation by telephoning members of my
family (!) as well as privately and directly emailing at least
one list member (that i know of, because they forwarded the
message to me), making it seriously unsafe for people to
participate in the Libre-SOC project, as we are now all being

the effect on my health is so severe that i have been to
A&E **EIGHTEEN** times in the past three months, have had
OVER THREE HUNDRED non-epileptic seizures, have had six
doctor's appointments, three seizures and catatonic collapses
*inside Southampton Central Police Station*, three seizures
and catatonic episodes in doctor's surgeries requiring on
two occasions calling paramedics to transport me to A&E,
four seizures in public places requiring members of the public
to call emergency services, i have had my driving license taken
away which *itself* put me into catatonic shock (in the doctor's
surgery) - the list goes on and on.

bottom line is that i have been unable to focus in any way
on the RFCs. i did not even see your message for two weeks:
i encountered it by complete accident after doing a search
for a totally unrelated topic. please therefore *only*
post either on our public mailing list, our public
bugtracker (paul or maybe anton can help you there).
do not email me directly / privately on technical RFC matters.

(i will forward your message of 1st march to the mailing list
just this once more: briefly, i have already answered
some of the issues you raise, you will find responses already on
the OPF CONFIDENTIAL resources - the ones that i am now simply
too exhausted to help you navigate and have neither
time nor funding to help you sift through. i leave it to you
to find them and to forward them to Libre-SOC resources.
XLEN discussion for example is under the XLEN bugreport. again,
paul or anton can help you)

also please can i have an update from the OpenPower Foundation
on the progress of the harrassment complaint regarding
BHARVANI's repeated intimidation. the last communication
was months ago: i informed james that due to the serious threat
to my life that his harrassment caused (triggering of
severe PTSD: for example i collapsed on the floor during an
NGI Search meeting) i cannot possibly engage in "mediated"
real-time conversation to "restore normal participation" in
Libre-SOC activities: he *also* violated our Charter then failed
to respond to NLnet's Mediator (Brian) who kindly offered
to help, as far back as October 2023.

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