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Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at lkcl.net
Mon May 13 05:40:38 BST 2024

On Monday, May 13, 2024, Jacob Lifshay <programmerjake at gmail.com> wrote:

>> This all happened after Luke ceased to be functional in LibreSOC and
RED, when he started to live in the van.

this is called "Libel". an untruthful statement stated as fact.
it is a common manipulative technique deployed by narcisstic
people, but used deliberately by CALDERWOOD, here.
"make out that there was nothing done by CALDERWOOD or LEWIS,
state it as plain fact, a fait-accomplit statement, not
to be questioned or argued with, because it is CLEARLY
and Sales-technique-closed-and-accepted, why would you
ever question what is presented as fact?"

see how that works, jacob? why would you question the
"facts" that i "ceased effectiveness", or question that
"being in a van resulted in that ineffectiveness"?

what actually happened is that i fled for my life on september
11th after being violently assaulted: punched repeatedly on
the wrist by a drunk narcisstic ex-partner whilst my other
arm was protectively around my daughter, then screamed at
for 45 minutes straight whilst i calmly requested 125 times
that she stop being abusive. this against a background of
placing me at risk of death due to the abuse combined with
chronic recurrent EBV, approx ELEVEN such assaults, none
of which she called paramedics for, despite (video-recorded)
clear evidence of respitory distress.

the 16 year ordeal has left me at risk from *anyone* being
verbally abusive: even yesterday some kids were pulling wheelies
on screaming loud 2-stroke pit bikes, filming themselves
whilst placing children at risk in a car park. when i asked
them to stop, explaining i had PTSD and medical conditions
it TRIGGERED airway collapse which luckily by taking an
entire teaspoon of dry cayenne pepper plus a quarter teaspoon
of celtic sea salt i managed to arrest quickly, and did not
need emergency services. that time.

after LEWIS was repeatedly warned not to be aggressive and
failed to listen, and CALDERWOOD disregarded his own instructions
screaming at me (after MIROSHNIKOV sabotaged the Financial
records oct23) so badly i was barely able to breathe, crying in
deep distress that he completely ignored. after, when i told him
that he placed me at risk of death he emailed me back telling
me how much he despised me for "trying that on..." and then
did it *again* on 3rd january with my mother as a witness,
placing me into traumatic shock and causing breathing blockage
which almost killed me at my mother's home.

the instructions that are in the message circulated last year,
to everyone including yourself jacob, are that autistic
people need to be asked QUESTIONS.

both CALDERWOOD and LEWIS failed systematically, utterly,
and catastrophically to ask any clarifying questions of any
kind when i have attempted to explain things. LEWIS *NEVER*
asked questions: CALDERWOOD flipped some time around
october-november, turning his manipulative intelligence
into an abuse of power and position, which as an autistic
and inexperienced (junior) Director dealing with the
physical aftereffects of a 16-year abusive relationship,
the list of criminal violations of Company Law, 2010
Disability Act, and more, is just breathtaking in quantity

LEWIS 100% of the time in *every* interaction where i attempted
to get something important across went directly to dismissal.
not ONCE did he say "so let me just repeat back what i think
you said" (or other variant that indicates he is actively
listening and checking he understands what i am trying
to communicate, BEFORE proceeding further).

instead he has a 100% track record since his appointment
18+ months ago of being aggressive and
controlling, using tactical statements such as
"if that's how it is, i've got better things to do"
(instead of asking questions that would make me feel
safe, reassured that i had been heard and listened to, before
moving on to his position and coming to a common agreement),
and "well shall we fire him then?" in a blunt and
aggressive tone on attempted discussion of MIROSHNIKOV's
financial burden on me, due to MIROSHNIKOV's ineffectiveness
at bringing in his own weight in grant funding.

LEWIS *repeatedly and systematically* put me into deep
traumatic shock as far back as 18 months ago, and had to be
warned by CALDERWOOD to be less aggressive, due to the traumatic
physiological effects of RAYMOND's 16-year-long verbal abuse.
that first time 18 months ago: i ended up on my hands and knees
after it felt like he'd punched me in the heart on being
particularly aggressive in his use of language.

this is not a one-off, jacob.

remember, they've attempted to seize control of the grants,
first seizing control of NGI Search, doing the bare minimum
work which is of such atrocious poor quality it brings SVP64
during Milestone 2. the "report" was a clusterfuck and i was
manipulated into massaging it, as a means to get money
from NGI Search by deception of the Mentor on presentation
and review of the Milestone.

then they attempted to seize control of the NLnet grants,
in such an alarming way that the EC has TERMINATED our
funding. this when they were still attempting to also
seize control of the Simple-V Trademark by aliasing,
as clearly stated in that screenshot.

then they attempted to seize control of the FOSDEM
schedule by inserting talks with zero public discussion
at the last minute, *after* the schedule had been finalised.
i had to spell out publicly exactly what they were doing
and despite every word being truthful and factual they
spread the word that they intended to sue me for libel,
telephoning my mother, my brother, my stepfather, Bob
and Michiel, claiming "they were trying to help me".

then after putting me into shock on the 15th jan, where i
believe had to get to A&E later that day with respitory
blockage, they held a Board Meeting WITHOUT following
Company Law, at which they first increased share allocation
to over 50% for themselves then AT THE VERY SAME MEETING
utilised that larger share percentage to get me "resigned"
as a Director, in direct and blatant violation of the
procedure that is required to be followed, on MULTIPLE

the devastation they've caused is irreversable as i now have
BRAIN DAMAGE due to the distress their unceasing attacks
and stalking have caused, putting me into A&E *THIRTY FOUR*
times in four months.

i've been "ineffective" only because of the debilitating
life-threatening effects of their ABUSE. i was perfectly
able to function up until nine weeks ago despite being
in a freezing cold van requiring six clothing layers and
four blanket/sleepingbag layers to sleep at night, by
working for hours at a time each day out of the local
MacDonald's. *even* when going into shock and having
needed to go to A&E approximately 15 times up until 9
weeks ago.

it was nine weeks ago now that their attacks escalated,
i can't even recall right now what it was (it's 4:18 am)
and i realised that based on what they had placed on
the public-facing website they gave the impression of
seeking to seize control of everything we've developed.

remember jacob these are manipulative dangerous people,
whose aggressive actions have resulted in the total
destruction of our reputation with the EC, our funding
bodies NGI Search and NLnet, termination of future
grant funding, loss of FOUR team members, and placed me
at risk of death 34 times - all in a few short months.

now please STOP talking with them as you are not familiar
enough with their manipulation-capability and are putting
yourself, myself, and the project AT RISK, ok?

i am now *forced* into the position of only doing things
that i enjoy. i used to love working on Simple-V, because
it is beautiful and elegant and powerful. but CALDERWOOD
and LEWIS's pathological destructive and manipulative
behaviour has been so devastating that i am too distressed
to do *any work at all*, now.

i gave a statement to the police regarding their harrassment:
the first part was four hours and the ordeal was so taxing
it PUT ME INTO A&E. the second part, completing the statement,
was THREE hours, and a barometric pressure change occurred
(incoming rain clouds) around 5pm and triggered a fibromyalgia
medical condition that i now have (and didn't before).
it got worse, started to cause respitory blockage and i had
to get to A&E *again*.

i've had to do nothing but focus on medical research and
self-study in order to STAY ALIVE against a background of
incessant stalking. even now i know that writing this
places me at risk, as it is "evidence" to be taken and used
as part of the libel case planned by CALDERWOOD.

the fact that we are REQUIRED to operate PUBLICLY and
TRANSPARENTLY, as a FOSS project, to ensure users can
trust us, places us at a massive disadvantage of providing
"ammunition" to be used against us (due to the threat of
a libel court case) if we talk, and thus intimidating us into
*not* talking... which is part of the very definition of why
stalking is a criminal offense: the person being stalked
is forced to consider changing their behaviour patterns
in order to avoid the intimidating, unseen, hidden eyes of
the stalker, to their detriment.

(remember: we know we have been stalked because YG received
that defamatory message from CALDERWOOD, indicating that
CALDERWOOD is monitoring - reading - the contents of this

so please, jacob: i need you to cease all communication
with these extremely dangerous people. you're in no way
equipped to detect when or whether you are being manipulated
or simply lied to.

more importantly: i cannot deal with stress any more. it
can literally kill me. if you are talking with CALDERWOOD
(you really should have said you were planning on doing so)
it causes me distress, which triggers cortisol, which
causes a catastrophic cascade leading to risk of death
by throat constriction (this article combined with EBV
complications explains what is going on there)

i will NOT publish the videos i have taken of this occurring,
unless i am backed into a corner and given no other choice.
just the sound alone of my *own* medical distress, when i
think i am strong enough to listen to the recordings,
is extremely harrowing, and i really do not wish to inflict
that upon others unless given no other option.
(yes, i ended up in A&E hours after reviewing one particularly
distressing video *of myself*).

so please *stop* communicating with RED's agents and Directors,
if you can set up an "auto-archive" that saves everything
for presentation as evidence to the police, that would protect
you, and me, and reduce the risk of death for me.


geometry: without it life is pointless
the fibonacci series: easy as 1 1 2 3

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