[Libre-soc-dev] Simple-V Trademark (and others).

lkcl luke.leighton at gmail.com
Thu Mar 21 13:04:23 GMT 2024

a quick notice to everyone (and a wider audience),

Simple-V is a Trademark, owned by me. the work we are doing
comes under it. now, due to the ongoing harrassment and stalking
by CALDERWOOD and LEWIS, i have been unable to work for over
14 days, work for the past 6+ months has been severely
compromised, and jacob indicated in a meeting 2 weeks ago that
he was also too stressed to do any useful work.

bottom line is that a release date of the Simple-V specification
is delayed indefinitely pending resolution of the harrassment,
Coercive Controlling Behaviour and stalking by CALDERWOOD and
LEWIS as Directors of my hijacked company, RED Semiconductor Ltd.

this means that whilst Trademark Licenses may be sought, any
commercial licensees need to be aware that the date when they
may put out commercial silicon is now unknown, pending
resolution of the damage done to myself and the team,
by CALDERWOOD and LEWIS. CALDERWOOD and LEWIS have been notifed
multiple times of the route by which resolution is to be
achieved, should they choose to do so. i have received *no word*
from NLnet's mediator, Brian.

additionally Denton's were informed that CALDERWOOD and LEWIS
are not automatically granted Trademark or Patent Rights, and
that they have sought neither in any communication of any kind.

the number of times i have been to Accident and Emergency due
to the effects on my health of the distress caused by the
stalking and harrassment is now up to 21 times, and the number
of times that paramedics have been called is now up to 7 times.

Meow, Brad, James: as i mentioned earlier, i do expect IBM
to assist with the specification (properly). also i have still
not received an indication (or even any acknowledgement
of the *receipt*) as to the progress of the formal complaint
against BHARVANI. please get this to me immediately.



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