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Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at lkcl.net
Sat Mar 16 14:59:35 GMT 2024

On Sat, Mar 16, 2024 at 9:22 AM Cesar Strauss <cestrauss at gmail.com> wrote:
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> >  > 1) I myself would get in contact with the people involved and try to
> > obtain an agreement that everybody is to be left alone,
> >
> > Brian is already fulfilling this role, Cesar.
> Indeed, sorry about my confusion.

there's been a lot going on, it's understandable.

> I hope it goes well, that everybody agrees to leave each other in peace.

they're not going to stop, Cesar. CALDERWOOD's IQ is off
the charts (unmeasurably high), and he has a photographic
memory (perfect recall).  he is extremely dangerously

to give you an example: he emailed me from his RED
Semiconductor Ltd email account, and i replied directly
to that message - i said something along the lines that i
was vulnerable and in distrress. he then told the OTHER
DIRECTORS that as Chairman he was forced to initiate
"protective action" for Due Diligence Purposes with VCs.

he stated that if i had replied to his *personal* email
address then he could have ignored what i wrote, but
it was the fact that the reply went to **HIS** RED Semi
email address that "forced" him to initiate protective
measures. this despite it being him that sent the message
*from* his RED Semiconductor Ltd email address: i
simply hit "reply".  as an experienced businessman
of over 30 years he should have known not to do that,
and we can only conclude that it was deliberate -
*especially* given that he made it appear to the
other Directors that it was entirely and 100% *my* mistake.

a second example: when discussing the vast amount
of funds i was expected to pour into the company to
pay myself and **TWO** employees salaries (GBP 8,000)
after i had specifically warned the Directors well over
six months prior that i was unable to do work due to
RAYMOND's abuse, and that there would be a "black hole"
in the finances that they needed to help cover by finding
Grant or other money, CALDERWOOD intimidated me
into putting NLnet Grant RFPs in RED Semiconductor's
name instead of mine, when i desperately needed the
money (as a result i had to borrow GBP 3,000 from a

when i started saying "no, this is not reasonable,
i have poured several hundred thousand Euros of
Grant money into this company already, i cannot possibly
do GBP 8,000 of NLnet work a month", he sent me a
message listing all the Director's rates, how much
money they had not made (despite having large
shareholdings and despite UP FRONT agreeing
to take shares only), but he left out *MY* rates
and *MY* salary, despite the fact that three years
ago we had worked closely together for several
*months* to create a spreadsheet listing everyone's
expected salaries once VC funding was received.

this is the type of manipulation he engages in. he enjoyed
many times over three years telling me that he sets "traps"
for people, and "lets them fall into them".

he also directly emailed Yann when he innocently asked
a few weeks ago "what's going on?". the message from
CALDERWOOD is extremely weird. Yann forwarded it
to me - i sent it to the police.

i am so sorry, everyone, i had no idea that CALDERWOOD
could turn so dangerous. if i had known i would never have
invited him to be the Chairman of RED Semiconductor
Ltd. it is he himself who explained to me that it is the Chairman
who holds all the power in a Company.

my biggest concern right now is that CALDERWOOD has
access to a huge network of people including top Legal
advice. i suspect that CALDERWOOD and LEWIS are
being advised that they can seize control of our work
without seeking either Trademark or Patent Licenses,
or worse that as "compensation" for what they believe
is Libel (when everything i wrote around FOSDEM -
when they attempted to insert those talks without
discussion or consultation - is 100% true) they can
seize control of all of the NLnet Grant funded work
of the past six years.

that would be absolutely catastrophic for us because
it is in direct violation of NLnet's "Works for the Public Good"
mandate to have Corporations control 100% of the
Copyright, Trademarks and Patents (NLnet have had
serious problems with this in the past - employers seizing
control of employees Grant-funded material, claiming
100% ownership then *REMOVING* the FOSS License
and pulling the material offline - and selling it - *after*
the employee had been paid to do FOSS-only work).

i'm back in A&E for the 19th time. starting at around
8am i had a NINETY minute continuous non-epileptic
seizure (fully-conscious the entire time), fortunately
on a very large bean-bag rather than on a trolley, which
would easily have been damaged by such prolonged
and sustained full-body thrashing. luckily i have been
doing regular gym exercise so was able to "go witth it".

i'm planning to release the videos soon. i've uploaded
about 30% of them. they'll be "unlisted" as videos but
the playlist will be "public". this should stop them from
appearing in google / youtube searches, but still be
accessible. i really do not advise anyone in the team
to watch them: i replayed just one where i collapsed
in Ambulatory Majors with seizures during a particularly
sharp barometric pressure change, and was myself so
distressed by what i was seeing - myself! - that i started
crying and had to stop playing the video.  they're
basically for documentary and evidential purposes,
not for "consumption" as youtube likes to put it.

i have to go.


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