[Libre-soc-dev] Open... (and Libre) Silicon ASIC Conference idea by Matt Venn

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at lkcl.net
Wed May 19 20:31:06 BST 2021


Matt Venn has suggested the idea of an "Open Source" ASIC conference.
bless him, it's a fantastic idea, my only concern being that the emphasis
on "Open" will end up with the same completely unintentional exclusion
by, just picking one example, OpenPOWER NA 2020 selecting slack as
the sole exclusive attendee discussion forum.  as a result it was a deeply
disturbing psychological experience to present at, being completely
cut off and isolated from the other speakers and attendees, only "rolled on"
to give an actual talk then "rolled off" back in the box, silenced by
the non-diverse non-inclusive accidental choice of technology.

if you believe the idea to be a good one - and after the excitement that was
caused by David's "Reprap ASIC" presentation at NGI Forum 2021 yesterday -
i think it is, please do spread the word and emphasise to people to advocate
for *Libre* inclusive hosting technology.  the most obvious answer there
is "follow what FOSDEM2021 and Debconf or XDC2020 do", they all used
jitsi in some fashion. FOSDEM and Debconf also use matrix/element.io,
XDC2020 used jitsi plus IRC plus a jitsi youtube live plugin.

if you choose not to use google forms, you can ask someone to enter
the responses for you, i am happy to do that, please email me directly.


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