[Libre-soc-dev] Simulator does not like labels?

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at lkcl.net
Wed May 19 14:36:43 BST 2021

Lauri, many apologies, i really need the debug log information for the type
of low-level heavily detailed investigations that i'm doing. without it i
literally cannot do anything, this is so complex.

it just so happened that you edited an area where i had to fix something
important for sv.stfu.  to save time, i am sufficiently under pressure,
i've simply overwritten the file. if you'd like to re-add it, please add it
set to *True* by default, or, better yet, allow overriding through an
environment variable that you can set, and i do not.

that way, you don't have to see the critical log output without which i
cannot do anything at all, and i can.

better yet, i've been meaning to do this for some time:

if you get annoyed by any verbose output and want to get rid of it, if
you'd like to follow that by doing the same "import" at the top:
 from openpower.decoder.power_enums import get_csv, find_wiki_dir
+from openpower.util import log

then global search/replace "print" with "log", we'll both be happy

-            print ("opcode, fields", ls, opcode, fields)
+            log ("opcode, fields", ls, opcode, fields)


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