[Libre-soc-dev] Libre-SOC SVP64 first Cray-style Vector loop successful

Cesar Strauss cestrauss at gmail.com
Sun Mar 7 17:51:10 GMT 2021

Em 07/03/2021 14:39, Cesar Strauss escreveu:
> Also, of course, thanks to everyone else on the team for helping the
> project get this far, with the OpenPOWER Simple-V specification in
> place, the Computation Units, Pipelines, the Decoder, Simulator, IEEE
> 754 Floating Point, the project infrastructure, documentation, as well
> as well as the ongoing work on GCC and Binutils, Vulkan drivers, Caches,
> MMU, FPGA testing, unit testing, formal verification, nMigen
> improvements, general support, helpful insights and pointers,
> experience, etc.

... also ASIC Design, Investor relations, the list goes on and on...



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