[Libre-soc-dev] ls180 update

Jean-Philippe Turcotte jp2k5 at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 19 15:49:29 BST 2021

> there is a way to cheat by symlinking distcc to ccache.
> this tells ccache to call distcc and monitor (and cache) its output.  this
> should do the trick:
> ln -s /usr/bin/ccache ~/bin/distcc
> export PATH=~/bin:$PATH

I will check it out, thanks.

> if you do not have a machine with absolutely mental amounts of RAM (like,
> 64 GB or above) we may be able to arrange something.

Yeah, I do not (16 GB). That is why I thought I would do it all remotely.

> actually it depends what is on the remote machine (unless we recompile llvm
> on all nodes)

I will check, and target LLVM 9. I will also need to know what march and optimization level to use.


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