[Libre-soc-dev] Libre-soc-dev] ls180 update

Jean-Philippe Turcotte jp2k5 at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 19 15:14:29 BST 2021

> it's dead simple.  search this page for the word "distcc"
>  https://www.veripool.org/wiki/verilator/Manual-verilator
> you set an env var OBJ_CACHE, that's it.

Okay, but that will not touch the VHDL-to-C++ part, right? Is that assumed to be relatively fast?

Also, should I use ccache? It does not work with distcc’s pump mode, but I would presume that a slower first run is a good trade-off.

> document everything.  create a wiki page, put *all* the commands and
> procedures in it.

Roger that.

> benchmarks already show llvm-9 is fastest.

So that is what I will use (or whatever version is in Buster’s repos, which I will write down).

> running locally.
> what processor do you have in a PC ?

I think I have an old i386 laying around. :P


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