[Libre-soc-dev] daily kan-ban update 06AUG2020

Cole Poirier colepoirier at gmail.com
Thu Aug 6 18:58:22 BST 2020

On Thu, Aug 6, 2020 at 10:53 AM Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton
<lkcl at lkcl.net> wrote:
> hmmm i've found that it's slow work but it's necessary to have the
> actual vhdl open at the same time, and to "be" the person that's doing
> the translation.

Good to know, thank you.

> also: much of the work can be done with a few choice
> global/search/replaces.   ": std_ulogic_vector(63 downto 0);" can be
> global/search/replaced with " = Signal(64)" for example.

Ah that makes sense! I'll create a bug report and I can ask you some
specific questions like how to translate stuff like that?

> note that anything in a "rising edge" block **MUST** be "sync +="

Yes, I actually have a question about this too. I'll comment on a new bug
report shortly.

> again: i believe i have said this about 5 times already, so you should
> know by now that you do not need to ask when committing code that you
> *know* is unused and cannot do "damage".  so as jacob says (message
> just came in when writing this): please just commit it, don't keep
> asking, ok?

Yes. Hopefully this is the last time :)

> also this time remember to do "git push".

Hehe, yes, I did remember this time, thank you.


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