[Libre-soc-bugs] [Bug 517] Define JTAG pins and set up with litex for ulx3s85f

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--- Comment #15 from Cole Poirier <colepoirier at gmail.com> ---
Ok so from the contsraints file:

LOCATE COMP "gp[0]" SITE "B11"; # J1_5+  GP0 PCLK
LOCATE COMP "gn[0]" SITE "C11"; # J1_5-  GN0 PCLK
LOCATE COMP "gp[1]" SITE "A10"; # J1_7+  GP1 PCLK
LOCATE COMP "gn[1]" SITE "A11"; # J1_7-  GN1 PCLK
LOCATE COMP "gp[2]" SITE "A9";  # J1_9+  GP2 GR_PCLK
LOCATE COMP "gn[2]" SITE "B10"; # J1_9-  GN2 GR_PCLK
LOCATE COMP "gp[3]" SITE "B9";  # J1_11+ GP3
LOCATE COMP "gn[3]" SITE "C10"; # J1_11- GN3
LOCATE COMP "gp[4]" SITE "A7";  # J1_13+ GP4
LOCATE COMP "gn[4]" SITE "A8";  # J1_13- GN4
LOCATE COMP "gp[5]" SITE "C8";  # J1_15+ GP5
LOCATE COMP "gn[5]" SITE "B8";  # J1_15- GN5
LOCATE COMP "gp[6]" SITE "C6";  # J1_17+ GP6
LOCATE COMP "gn[6]" SITE "C7";  # J1_17- GN6

And the litex platform file:

     ("gpio", 0,
         Subsignal("p", Pins("B11")),
         Subsignal("n", Pins("C11")),
     ("gpio", 1,
         Subsignal("p", Pins("A10")),
         Subsignal("n", Pins("A11")),
     ("gpio", 2,
         Subsignal("p", Pins("A9")),
         Subsignal("n", Pins("B10")),
     ("gpio", 3,
         Subsignal("p", Pins("B9")),
         Subsignal("n", Pins("C10")),

does this imply that another 3 gpio record can be added? like so:

     ("gpio", 4,
         Subsignal("p", Pins("A7")),
         Subsignal("n", Pins("A8")),
     ("gpio", 5,
         Subsignal("p", Pins("C8")),
         Subsignal("n", Pins("B8")),
     ),     ("gpio", 4,
         Subsignal("p", Pins("C6")),
         Subsignal("n", Pins("C7")),

And should these newly added gpio pins be the pins we use for the JTAG jumper

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