[libre-riscv-dev] buffered pipeline

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at lkcl.net
Tue Mar 19 06:53:28 GMT 2019

this is tolerable / readable:

class ExampleAddRecordStage:
    record_spec = [('src1', 16), ('src2', 16)]
    def ispec(self):
        return Record(self.record_spec)
    def ospec(self):
        return Record(self.record_spec)
    def process(self, i):
        return {'src1': i.src1 + 1,
                'src2': i.src2 + 1}

the modifications to the eq() function... not so happy: they need
internal knowledge of the Record class:

     for (ao, ai) in zip(o, i):
-        res.append(ao.eq(ai))
+        #print ("eq", ao, ai)
+        if isinstance(ao, Record):
+            for idx, (field_name, field_shape, _) in enumerate(ao.layout):
+                if isinstance(field_shape, Layout):
+                    rres = eq(ao.fields[field_name], ai.fields[field_name])
+                else:
+                    rres = eq(ao.fields[field_name], ai[field_name])
+                res += rres
+        else:
+            res.append(ao.eq(ai))
     return res

and the unit test is... hmmm...

-                o_data = yield self.dut.n.o_data
+                if isinstance(self.dut.n.o_data, Record):
+                    o_data = {}
+                    dod = self.dut.n.o_data
+                    for k, v in dod.fields.items():
+                        o_data[k] = yield v
+                else:
+                    o_data = yield self.dut.n.o_data

overall, i feel that it's... tolerable.

it should also work recursively (Records as member fields of Records).
the dictionary from process() would need to return a dictionary
containing a dictionary.

i also see no reason why it should not work when the Record is part of
a module.  it turns out that you need to explicitly name the Record
fields anyway.  yield, interestingly, concatenates all of the bits of
the Record, which turned out to be a pain, hence that identification
in the unit test, to separate them all out (accessing dod.fields



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