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Rishabh Jain rishucoding at gmail.com
Fri Mar 8 03:54:02 GMT 2019

"yosys > read_verilog Cam.v" runs fine, console log ends with
finished Verilog frontend".

I get a error message when I do "yosys > show" :

"2. Generating Graphviz representation of design.

ERROR: For formats different than 'ps' or 'dot' only one module must be

But, "yosys > show -format dot " this works fine: ends with "Dumping
anonymous to page 8"

Then, linking the python3.6 binary with python3 works. Now, python3
python3.6 binary. Thanks!

I was able to observe the waveform.

I tried to right click on "top" (position is left top side in my case), but
not option were coming.
Though, I was able to load all the signals by "Search -> Signal Search
-> select 'top' and insert"

Yes, the waveforms are pretty clean and clear.

Yep, I have cocotb installed.

Now, i guess the tools are working fine.
can you share the specifications for TLB and CAM which we intend to

On Thu, Mar 7, 2019 at 2:49 AM Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton <lkcl at lkcl.net>

> On Wed, Mar 6, 2019 at 5:18 PM Rishabh Jain <rishucoding at gmail.com> wrote:
> >
> > Thanks for welcoming me :)
>  :)
> > I have read the charter and found it very sensible. I will obey the "Code
> > of Honour".
>  it's just... it feels totally different, doesn't it? a code of
> "conduct" is an imposition: a demand for external restriction of
> behaviour.  a code of "honour" is something that *you* take
> responsibility for (and pride in).
> > For installing yosys and nmigen:
> > I have cloned the *yosys* repo from https://github.com/YosysHQ/yosys and
> > ran make, make tests and sudo make install.
> > And cloned the repo of *nmigen* and installed using " pip install git+
> > https://github.com/m-labs/nmigen.git "
> > These tools look interesting.
>  yeah, they are.  yosys can actually be used to generate netlists for
> ASIC layout, as well as for FPGAs.
> > In the soc/TLB/src directory: I changed python3 to python3.6 in Makefile.
> > After doing make, I got this console log : "python3.6 Cam.py generate -t
> v
> > > Cam.v"
>  ok great: now you have a Cam.v file, run yosys and do this:
>  $ yosys
>  yosys> read_verilog Cam.v
>  yosys> show
>  you *might* need to install xdot to get that to work properly
> (apt-get install xdot)
> > In my computer, python3 default is set to 3.5 version. I looked into
> > modifying this:
> >
> https://askubuntu.com/questions/900493/how-to-change-python3-from-python3-5-to-python3-6
> > But, I fear my system will break. So, better I will manually call
> > python3.6.
>  ok you can "fix" that in any given window, like this:
>  mkdir ~/socbin
>  ln -s /usr/bin/python3.6 ~/socbin/python3
>  export PATH=~/socbin:$PATH
>  that last line, you can put into a file somewhere, which you can do
> "source {filename}"
> > Luke, can you give me an overview/brief on the 'soc' repository?
>  well, it's really basic at the moment, and will expand later.
> there's only really 2 main directories: TLB/src which contains the
> modules that daniel's been working on, and TLB/test which contains the
> unit tests.  you can experiment with them like this:
>  $ cd TLB/test
>  TLB/test$ mkdir Waveforms
>  TLB/test$ python3 test_cam.py
>  TLB/test$ gtkwave Waveforms/test_cam.vcd
> (obviously, apt-get install gtkwave first)
> then you can right-click on "top" on the right side, and
> recurse-import all the signals.  then hit the "zoom fit" button and
> you'll see all of the signals and when their values change, on
> different clock cycles.
> honestly it's pretty damn cool and it makes me wonder why the heck
> it's not more commonly available as a standard python software
> debugging tool!  being able to sequentially visualise *all* of the
> variables of a program as it progresses line-by-line would be
> extremely useful!
> anyway if you left click anywhere on the main window you'll see a red
> line, and then the values in the middle pane will change and you'll
> see the values of all signals at that point.  you *may* need to scroll
> the middle pane to see them.
> basically that gets you "up and running" and confirms that all of the
> debug and dev tools are operational.  hey do you still have cocotb
> installed btw?
> l.
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