[libre-riscv-dev] query in soc/TLB

Rishabh Jain rishucoding at gmail.com
Fri Apr 12 13:43:01 BST 2019

hi everyone,

Daniel,luke: could you please look into these:
for file soc/TLB/src/AddressEncoder.py
1. is this table for priority encoder correct?

I3   I2   I1   I0 | O1  O0  V
0    0    0    0  |  x    x    0
x    x    x    1  |  0    0    1
x    x    1    0  |  0    1    1
x    1    0    0  |  1    0    1
1    0    0    0  |  1    1    1

i believe this table follows with line 87 and 96 of
though Jacob answered this previously, but his table was giving priority to
the highest bit.

2. in line 104 of soc/TLB/test/test_address_encoder.py, you are passing 4
bits as width.. but then in test cases, you are using in_val with 3 bits. i
mean this is working, but any reason for passing 4 instead of 3?

3. how do i go about understanding the module priority encoder and encoder.
i really like nmigen having these built-in combinational ckts.. but to know
what member variables are present and how the module is working, where to
I am struggling with values "encoder.n" and "p_encoder.n" .. i guess these
are related to "valid input".

4. I guess there is silly mistake on line 56 of AddressEncoder.py:
should be : "Line56:  "# Multiple Match if encoder n is valid" "

By Tuesday, I will be able to check other modules in TLB.
I appreciate the efforts put by Daniel in commenting on the code. Really
good comments.

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