[libre-riscv-dev] Fwd: Preparations The Libre-RISCV SoC

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at lkcl.net
Mon Apr 1 04:04:25 BST 2019

minor edits, i went with this, below.  prior draft forgot mention of
RISC-V, also replaced "but also" with "and".


It is 2019 and it is not possible to buy a mass-produced laptop, tablet
or smartphone and replace all of its software (with software that a
user can trust) without loss of functionality.  Processor boot-loaders
are DRM-locked; WIFI, 3D Graphics and Video Processors are proprietary,
and Intel's processors contain NSA-spying backdoor "Management" Engines.

Therefore, shocklngly, the only way to restore and engender trust is
to literally make a new processor - one that is developed transparently
and may be independently audited to the bedrock.

So we are developing a a low-power, mobile-class, 64-bit Quad-Core
RISC-V SoC at a minimum 800mhz clock rate, suitable for tablet,
netbook, and industrial embedded systems. Full source code files
are available for the operating system and bootloader, and the actual
processor, its peripherals and its 3D GPU and VPU.  Details at

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