[Libre-soc-dev] installing under termux on smartphones

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at lkcl.net
Mon Oct 9 09:00:34 BST 2023

people, you will be amused to know that i have now managed
to install the full dev environment on three smartphones/tablets
by using F-Droid, proot, termux and ANlinux "apps".

(some of these are a short-cut to doing something incredibly
mundane: a pithy GUI around a simple shell script and/or
installing containers. gets the job done though).

it is not wholly straightforward because /dev/pts and /proc
are not mountabe within the debian chroot, and proot itself
is not capable of equivalent-of-hypervisor to support chroot.
(chroot within chroot)

some minor modifications were therefore needed to the devscripts,
and i have been slowly adding missing dependences.

i also had to use the trick "export SUDO_USER=libresoc" to
convince the devscripts they were running under sudo.

yes really even ppc64e binutils is crosscompiled under
armhf and works fine.

we have a customer demo around the 11th of november so this
is very important to have working, and to have as much of
bigmul running by then as possible.


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