[Libre-soc-dev] FOSDEM LibreSOC Talk Ideas

Andrey Miroshnikov andrey at technepisteme.xyz
Tue Oct 3 21:30:38 BST 2023

Hi All,

Summarising talk ideas after this evening's hangouts meeting.

Bear in mind these notes are not final, just my interpretation.
Once we confirmed people in question, can raise sub-tasks under #1070 
(I'll start by creating a bug for talk #2).

We haven't decided whether to go with a separate LibreSOC devroom, 
although we definitely have enough talk ideas to fill up now.
(Don't forget we may not have enough time to do all these talks.)

Luke, did you say there was some budget which could be assigned to some 
of these talks?
It seems sensible to me to use some of the crypto router budget under 
Bug 776 (documentation) for the crypto algo talk (there's already 1158 
and 1166, but could be a new bug).
Maybe bigint could be covered too?

The numbers I assigned to the talks were done in the order I wrote them, 
actual order will likely change (except for the overview and round-off 

Live talks:
1. Overview of LibreSOC - Andrey?
   + Progress up to this point
   + Road map and future plans
3. Cryptographic algo's in SVP64 - Sadoon
   + Poly1305
   + Chacha20?, ED25519?
8. Formal Correctness Proof - Cesar Strauss
   + Theory of formal correctness proofs, how they work, etc.
   + Existing and future use in LibreSOC
9. Round-off talk - James Lewis?

2. Introduction to PowerISA and SVP64 (with ISACaller demo?) - Andrey
   + PowerISA SFS/SFFS
   + SVP64 basics
   + LibreSOC extensions outlined in ls012
4. Gentoo/Debian PowerISA SFFS porting - Sadoon
   + Pitfalls that come with recompiling packages (expecting VSX/VMX, 
#ifdef POWER9, etc.)
   + Pointers to those porting distros to PowerISA hardware
5. REMAP Engine advanced features (referencing 2021 OPF talk on SVP64 
matrix multiply) - Luke:
   + Big multiply (brief, partially covered by Poly1305)
   + Pow mod (more detailed)
   + Prefix schedule
   + Parallel reduction
6. Advanced features of Data-Dependent Fail-First - Luke:
   + How can be used with link list tracking
   + strncpy example
7. Big integer - Jacob
   + Standard long multiply
   + Carry propagation version

Sadoon volunteered for taking draft notes and turning them into pretty 
presentations. Luke suggested using the Beamer LaTeX library (but I'll 
leave it up to Sadoon to decide).



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