[Libre-soc-dev] Fwd: Why My 66000 is and is not RISC

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Mon Jan 30 13:30:37 GMT 2023

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> the same analysis applies to alignment of any-width at at-double-width.
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> Subject: Re: Why My 66000 is and is not RISC
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> *1: Not sure if SH-5 was effectively also another casualty of the
> Itanic, either way, I think at the time Hitachi folded its CPU design
> part out to Renesas, who were apparently much more invested in keeping
> the SH2 and SH4 going.

I don't remember if you've mentioned this before, but have you 
considered J2 (the open-hardware cleanroom implementation of Hitachi's 
SH-2 ISA) as the basis of Libre-SOC? Or is it too niche to be applicable 
to super-scalar applications?


I'm guessing the fixed 16-bit instructions are just too limiting to be 
practical if intended to be used for large computation (not enough CPU 


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