[Libre-soc-dev] Fwd: LibrePlanet CFS closing very soon. Submit today!

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Tue Nov 22 17:32:09 GMT 2022

I've already submitted mine,

On Tue, 2022-11-22 at 03:56 +0000, lkcl via Libre-soc-dev wrote:

I have already done my submission:

Gaming on a Talos II - how I avoid using Steam

I have a Valve Index which I use with Monado and the reverse engineered
libsurvive, and I want to use the libre-soc as a driver for my HMD.

> ideas anyone?
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> Dear Free Software Supporter,
> Our Thanksgiving gift: four more days to submit your session for
> LibrePlanet 2023! The call for sessions will now close on Monday,
> November 28, 2022, at 10:00 EST (15:00 UTC). We thought one last
> reminder, and one more weekend, just might be the last push you need
> to bring pen to paper (or finger to keyboard!) and [submit][1] your
> idea for a presentation, workshop, panel, or instructional video at
> [LibrePlanet 2023][2]: Charting the Course. The event will be held on
> March 18 and 19, 2022 and will be offered both in person and
> online. Sessions may be conducted either in person or remotely.
> Also, registration for the conference will open soon. If you aren't
> already, now is a good time to [become an FSF member][3]. You would
> not only help us reach our [fundraising goal][4] to keep the FSF
> strong in our mission to protect user freedom, but would also receive
> a this year's special gift and gratis entrance to LibrePlanet 2023 as
> one of our [member benefits][5].
> [1]: https://my.fsf.org/lp-call-for-sessions
> [2]: https://libreplanet.org/2023
> [3]:
> https://my.fsf.org/join?mtm_campaign=fall22&mtm_source=2-days-left
> [4]: https://www.fsf.org/appeal
> [5]: https://www.fsf.org/associate/benefits
> If you would like to learn more about the theme and the kinds of
> sessions we would like to see, please have a look at our previous
> call
> for sessions [blog post][6]. As always, if you have questions about
> your session, we'd be happy to answer them via email at
> <campaigns at fsf.org>. You will have a chance to make changes to your
> submission later if you feel it needs adjusting, but you *must submit
> before the deadline* to guarantee its review. Remember, LibrePlanet
> is
> for *all* types of stakeholders -- hobbyists, professionals,
> developers, law professionals, and tinkerers -- so please do not
> hesitate to submit from your unique perspective.
> [6]:
> https://www.fsf.org/blogs/community/libreplanet-2023-lets-chart-the-course-together-submit-your-session-by-november-2
> ### Free Software Awards nominations open until November 30
> We are still soliciting [Free Software Award nominations][7], which
> are presented annually at LibrePlanet. Show your favorite free
> software community members that you see the value in their work by
> nominating them for an award in one of our [three award
> categories][8]. Don't assume that someone else will nominate the same
> nominees you have in mind -- plus, the committee *does* take into
> account the amount of times a project or person is nominated.
> [7]:
> https://www.fsf.org/blogs/community/free-software-awards-nominate-those-who-have-charted-a-course-to-freedom-by-november-30
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> We also offer unique opportunities for businesses and other
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> centrally located exhibit hall, or to further sponsor the LibrePlanet
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> I hope to see you at LibrePlanet 2023: Charting the Course!
> In freedom,
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