[Libre-soc-dev] Coriolis2 Non-Chroot Script

Andrey Miroshnikov andrey at technepisteme.xyz
Sat Sep 11 22:59:39 BST 2021

On 11/09/2021 22:12, lkcl wrote:
> for anyone not familiar with linux systems it is *recommended* so as to stop questions such as "i got {insert OS of my personal preferred choice} wot don't work plz hlp" variety.
Haha, I just started having dangerous thought about that. I'll keep them 
as far away from my work machine though XD

> and the fact that it's 100% guaranteed to upgrade successfully from stable to stable releases.
I pretty much never have done stable to stable release upgrades, which 
is why I haven't appreciated this advantage before. Soon enough I 
probably will.

> many new distros and packaging systems are predicated on the NIH syndrome having declared that debian must be "far too complex to be necessary".
Ah, "Not invented here" syndrome. Found a nice summary of it here: 

> i investigated nix recently as it is touted as "secure" and "reproducible", and found that i5% of debian packages (and increasing) now have reproducible build recipes.  in fact, it's highly likely that the effort put into reproducible builds by debian and redhat developers was what allowed nix to be *able* to claim they differentiate themselves from other distros!
Interesting, good to know. At some point I should go through the process 
of making a .deb package, learn the internals so to speak.

> reality is that the apparent complexity simply directly reflects the complexity of the task, goals, and requirements that have been set, that's all.
> understand the requirements (securely distributed, reproducible, non-centralised stable and upgradeable package management) and you get a glimpse of why things are the way they are, with apt.

This probably the first time I really understood why Debian's important. 
  Thanks for the explanation.

Given Debian's been around since '93 they must've done quite a lot 
right. There's a cool chronological map of the linux distros for 

> you *can* use apt to create a rubbish "simple" distro, if you want...
Haha, no thanks :')
There are advantages to running latest and greatest library/software 
versions (Arch for example) but I value stability for a work machine 
after getting out of distro-hopping.

>> I'll get "mk-deb-chroot" running first, then look into coriolis2.
>> Does "mk-deb-chroot" still needed the "/tmp/brokenproxy" section?
> for me, yes.
Ok, I'll leave it as is then. What might be worthwhile is to add a check 
to see if "80-retries" files exist, and skip that part of the code. 
Should be easy to do as similar checks are already done in the script.

> my ISP is pretty flakey, it's mobile broadband (4G).
That's fair enough, never used mobile broadband with linux before, so 
haven't had those joys of debugging yet.

Now that I understand "mk-deb-chroot" better, I ran it and made the 
chroot environment. Next I'll do the coriolis install without a 
"coriolis" chroot.


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