[Libre-soc-dev] Suggestions and clarifications to overcome symbiflow stuck at VPR - Reg.,

MANIKANDAN NAGARAJAN manikandan_phd at outlook.com
Mon Oct 11 05:14:45 BST 2021

Dear Team,

I have been observing the conversation related to the symbiflow adoption and it is stuck somewhere in VPR.

Base on my learning I would like to suggest that symbiflow support *nextpnr​* also for the same purpose VPR is exist in symbiflow.
(pls check Place & Route in SymbiFlow section in the above link)

Libre-SoC flow is already well compatible with nextpnr and bitstream files generated for ECP5 with that.

May I know anybody has already verified this with nextpnr? if no, my suggestion is to give a try with nextpnr and I believe that will successfully complete the symbiflow.

With Regards
Manikandan Nagarajan

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