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Tue Nov 7 06:58:25 GMT 2023


--- Comment #21 from Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton <lkcl at lkcl.net> ---
(In reply to Jacob Lifshay from comment #20)
> Ok, I finally fixed all the issues caused by merging shriya_add_descriptions.
> we're back to 6 test failures (same as before). The test failures are listed
> at the end of this comment.


> I also fixed sc and the previously-working tests for it, since SRR1 is
> specified to have bits 33:36 set to 0, 42:43 set to LEV (always 0 for now),
> and 44:47 set to 0. SRR1[TRAP] is *not* set.

please revert aaaalll of them. we are compatible with MICROWATT.
i keep having to tell you this.

the microwatt team had to entirely disregard hypervisor mode and
make some extremely complex investigations and subsequent modifications
to the linux kernel.

we CANNOT afford to go "off reservation" here, it will be LITERALLY months
if not over a year's worth of extra work.

> calling TRAP isn't really what sc's pseudo-code should be doing (v3.1B just
> writes NIA and MSR directly), but I left that mostly un-modified, just
> passed in None so it knows not to try to set SRR1[TRAP].

put it back please.

> So, can I merge to master?

not until those unauthorized sc changes are fully reverted.

Paul Mackerras and the rest of the IBM Research team spent months getting
microwatt and the linux-kernel-5.7 into shape.

if you make changes like this we end up NOT BEING ABLE TO RUN LINUX.

raise a *completely separate* bugreport please so that a FULL investigation
can be made including running the appropriate TestIssuer unit tests *and*
ensuring microwatt interoperability.

keep the changes you made around (in *another* branch) referenced under the
new bugreport, so that "git gc" does not lose them.  name to be prefixed
with the bugreport number (also please do stop doing
use "bugnumber_description" instead, as a project standard)

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