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--- Comment #1 from Dmitry Selyutin <ghostmansd at gmail.com> ---
Rebased svp64 branch. Surprisingly they introduced more changes than I
expected, so it took a while.

After thinking for a while, I decided that I'll go with the following approach:
1. Launch src/openpower/sv/trans/test_pysvp64dis.py and grab all instructions
it produces.
2. Go over all instructions and fix specifiers which are missing, one by one.
3. Once it's done, we're on par with our home-grown assembly with specifiers.

The only problem I see here is that our tests also check CR and branches, so it
might sometimes be difficult to decouple these changes (other than by
discarding anything but specifiers).

1. Is it correct that I should preferrably restrict the changes for this task
with specifiers-related changes only?
2. What should I do if I cannot add a specifier (say some CR or branch specific
one) unless I also introduce support for other bits? Some specifiers need
updates for CR/branch modes, which are not yet implemented in binutils
correctly (actually binutils code even predates CR/branches in the way they're
implemented in our assembly).

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