[Libre-soc-bugs] [Bug 888] ls180 PLL port to sky130 needed

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--- Comment #5 from Dimitri Galayko <dimitri.galayko at lip6.fr> ---
To be done on the PLL:

-- The current reference generator (a CMOS quad or a bandgap). Some
difficulties with the analog models of the transistors in the sky13O PDK
delayed this implementation. The present model of the PLL uses an ideal current
source instead. That should be fixed soon. 

-- Integration of ngspice and python: I used the shared library allowing one to
manage the ngspice from a python code
 That works pretty well, but poorly documented, and the netlist/simulations are
very difficult to debug: the ngspice messages and errors are not displayed.
Some effort is required from the community to provide a full console output of
ngspice when running from a python code.

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