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--- Comment #81 from Andrey Miroshnikov <andrey at technepisteme.xyz> ---
(In reply to Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton from comment #80) 
> please put it in the wiki straight away

> you might find soneone else writes the diagram and saves time.
> if however you fail to publish the "s***" version that cannot happen
> this is why you see hand drawn diagrams in the wiki.  6 months later
> someone upgrades them.
Makes sense.

> if you can start a wiki page describing the bits and how they will be
> addressed this will greatly help review and understanding.
> also can refer to the page in the source code.
> there is an ericsson linux gpio presentation on elinux.org about what
> i talked about yesterday, it should go in the wiki as well
Sure, will add a page on this. Should help clarify my understanding as well XD

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