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--- Comment #16 from Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton <lkcl at lkcl.net> ---
(In reply to Dmitry Selyutin from comment #14)

> Fair enough, I agree, but with a remark below.


> > my feeling is that cavatools eabi is going to be near-trivial,
> > it can come down to EUR 4000.  management can be EUR 3000, that
> > leaves EUR 1000 which can go into one or more other tasks which
> > are abit low. #976 and #958?
> I also have a strange feeling that works around integration will need more
> resources, too. I'm not the one to judge, since I haven't checked this part
> yet, but I'd be really surprised if integrating cavatools to our testing API
> would be trivial.

yes, very.  cavatools already supports gdbmi - gdb remote machine interface.
a new register-set-definition is needed, but that's needed anyway.

> But I'm afraid this is to be discovered yet. I'm unlikely
> to do it due to time constraints, but others will almost certainly handle
> it. How about the scheme below?
> 1. Cut ABI tasks to 4500 EUR each (#981, #982).

ahh ISACaller ABI is *not* trivial: unlike cavatools which thunks directly
onto existing EABIs with a trivial shim (so as to get absolute max performance)
ISACaller has to implement a **FULL** and **TOTAL** implementation... in
there _may_ be an existing implementation out there but finding it will be a
pig: try searching "linux abi implementation in python"

> 2. Since we now have 5000 EUR, we can assign 3000 EUR to management, 500 EUR
> to #976, 500 EUR to #958, and 1000 EUR for wrapup which can migrate to #985
> if possible?


> Or we can assign 1000 EUR #985 immediately if you can confirm this is a
> difficult one. I'm not sure of the level of gdb support we have now.

full remote gdb machine interface is in cavatools.  but only RV. not ppc64le.

> If OK, I will raise the management task with 3000 EUR, will assign 500 EUR
> to each #976 and #958, and will move the 1000 EUR to either wrapup or #985,
> depending on our conclusions.

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