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--- Comment #15 from Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton <lkcl at lkcl.net> ---
so, again, to reiterate:

1) there are conventions that were created long ago and they are not
   up for debate or discussion.

2) not following those conventions will be confusing and cause massive

3) when i say "please do something in this specific and requested way"
   it is short-hand for:

   a) this was already decided a long time ago, it is not up for debate
   b) i haven't got time and neither have any of us to go over that again
   c) if there was a lengthy discussion it would conclude exactly what i asked
   d) therefore please don't argue, don't jeapordise timescales, just do it

now, i did in fact provide you with the basics of the explanations for
the decisions that had already been made.  these were in, at least:

* comment #5
* comment #7
* comment #12

you ignored those comments.  please do not ignore things, forcing me to
waste time repeating them again and again.  i have made it clear that it
is very disrespectful to ignore the Project Leader, and that it jeapordises
timescales.  we hav e been through the consequences of this type of
behaviour already.

please therefore re-read the comments and take them on board.

i have raised bug #745 as a sub-bug for OP_TERNARY: there are a large
number of sub-tasks (14 if a separate pipeline is used, or only around
7 if sharing with similar-profile shift_rot)

7 sub-tasks is still more than enough to justify a separate bugreport,
can we please therefore keep this one to specifically the individual
functions that get added (more high-level) so as to keep the number
of comments down

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