[Libre-soc-bugs] [Bug 739] NGI POINTER Gigabit Router Pinout Considerations

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Mon Nov 8 20:06:39 GMT 2021


--- Comment #7 from andrey at technepisteme.xyz ---
Added most of the peripherals into the ngi_router class, however still need to
work on formatting the svg image as it's a little difficult for debug.

I looked at the function "create_sv", however I need more time before I figure
out which scaling factors to tweak, as well adjust the package type. My plan is
to add some sort of argument (or perhaps field in the ngi_router module?) to
indicate which package will be used for creating the SVG.

For the moment, I've created a second function called "temp_create_sv", so that
the generation of LS180 SVG is not affected while I modify the scaling for the
ngi router.

The pinmux wiki page now has the current draft SVG image (formatting not fixed
yet): https://libre-soc.org/crypto_router_pinmux/

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