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--- Comment #17 from Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton <lkcl at lkcl.net> ---
Spec Appendix B p 787 states:

    which supports the representation of decimal integers
    of arbitrary length. Translation operates on three
    Binary Coded Decimal (BCD) digits at a time com-
    pressing the 12 bits into 10 bits with an algorithm that
    can be applied or reversed using simple Boolean oper-
    ations. In the following examples, a 3-digit BCD num-
    ber is represented as (abcd)(efgh)(ijkm), a 10-bit DPD
    number is represented as (pqr)(stu)(v)(wxy), and the
    Boolean operations, & (AND), | (OR), and ¬ (NOT) are

therefore, in the "Translation" boolean stuff, let us assume that
the input (val) is 12 bits:

def BCD_TO_DPD(val):
    # first digit, let us assume (guess) that the digits are in
    # left-is-Most-significant, right-is-least-significant order
    # i.e it is:
    #      ....represented as (abcd)(efgh)(ijkm)
    #                         Top   Middle Least significant digit
    # therefore:

    # top BCD digit
    a = val[0] # MSB0 order
    b = val[1] ...
    c = val[2]
    d = val[3]
    # least-significant BCD digit
    i = val[8]
    j = val[9]
    k = val[10]
    l = val[11]

and that likewise p q r .... are similarly ordered such that
    * p is MSB0-ordered bit zero (0)
    * q is MSB0-ordered bit one
    * ...
    * y is MSB0-ordered bit nine (9)

that should be sufficient to complete the function *WHICH MUST BE IN

repeat: the PSEUDOCODE from section B.1 shall be placed into a
markdown file.

NOT, repeat, NOT: "take the pseudocode and waste time converting it
by hand to a python function".

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